If any party member passes a 15 difficulty Wisdom check, they realize that Argus isn’t telling the whole truth.


Still a bit out of breath from the hundreds of winding stairs that have led you to Argus’s tower high above the university, you enter his study. Bookshelves line the room, with more books than you have ever seen on the shelves, propped up with faintly glowing bottles, skulls, or glittering stones. At the desk across from you, which is piled high with scrolls, parchment, and maps, is a figure swathed in grey robes. In fact, all you can see is the robes.
An ageless voice comes from beneath the cowl, and says: “Ah, Meris. Who have you brought with you?”

“Well, CHARACTER”, what do you know about Glammestone?

“We may think this land vast – you’ve surely roamed over a good deal of it – but it’s nothing compared to the Underdark: the level upon level of cavern, dungeon, Orc Burrow and Dark Elf city that lies beneath the ground. Generally an unpleasant and unsafe place to be, but what mysteries and treasures are buried there no one can inventory.
About a century and a half ago, there was a bright spot in the Underdark – the Dwarven Kingdom of Glammestone. So beautiful and prosperous was it that the Gnomes called it Gymimyrk – the jewel in the dark.
For centuries the dwarves prospered, digging treasure after treasure out of the depths, but they did eventually attract the attentions of the proud and brutal Dark Elves of Menzoberranzan. Glammestone was utterly destroyed and lay silent and dark for a hundred years. A few refugees filtered to the surface and found homes in the Silver Marches – a few even here in Silverymoon, from whom I know this story.
In the last few decades, these refugees and their children have been trying to take back Glammestone. At first, it seemed they would be successful, but now there are troubling rumours from the deep

Like all dwarves, they are so cynical as to be paranoid, (the cowled shoulders give a shrug) and though I have sought entrance to Glammestone many times, they have always refused. However, this spring the situation has changed. Their troubles must be worsening, for they have agreed to allow two of my men to enter Glammestone on a mission of aid.

_Meris has performed some small… tasks for me in the past, but you are said to travel as freely in the caverns as you do aboveground, and for a job like this, I imagine a second sword could be useful. I want you to journey to Glammestone and aid them in whatever way you think best. Your first imperative is to make a good impression – this is, as it were, a first diplomatic foray, and you will be acting in my name.

As payment, I am prepared to assist you in resummoning your familiar. It should be no hard task.

All I ask in return is that you keep your eyes and your ears open and report back to me the exact situation. Accurate information is always useful, and Glammestone is the key to the Underdark…_

Promises them whatever will make them go, calls Meris back for a private consultation.


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