Leader of the Pech


Eben speaks Dwarven, Terran, and Primordial.

Charisma checks: DC 11 or 13 in general, but harder if the characters attempt to fool or intimidate him: If the adventurers make promises to Eben that they have no intention of keeping, the speaking character must make a DC 15 Charisma check to fool the pech. If Eben believes the adventurers are lying to him, he becomes angry and must be calmed before negotiations can continue.


A leader among the pech here, he can convince his people to help.

What Eben Knows
Pechs are creatures of earth and stone. They speak to the stone, and it responds as it grows and flows.

Pechs are neither friendly with nor hostile to the dwarves. The pechs have not responded to the dwarves presence, because the pechs dislike the way the dwarves alter the caverns and treat the earth elementals. These pechs have spent a great deal of effort reworking the stone since the dwarves left.

The pechs consider the wildness of the elementals in Oferhald to be a result of the influence of an insane elemental spirit of great power, pechs avoid the elementals, since the influence of Khreshik’aris, which pechs call “the Mad Spirit,” makes the elementals dangerous. They’ve been attacked by frenzied elementals calling this spirit “King of Glammestone”.
They’re deeply disturbed by this and consider it to be unnatural behaviour - both pride and madness manifest in very different ways for elementals.

If asked about attacking the elementals, the pechs suppose it is unlikely to take damage from nonmagical sources.

What Eben Wants
*Kargien Minewarden has made no efforts to meet the pechs or secure their friendship. He has erected barricades between the dwarves’ territory and the pechs’ cavern, just like those that protect the dwarves from the orcs. The pechs resent this sign of mistrust and would like to speak with Kargien about peaceful coexistence. If the adventurers assure Ebhen that they will try to gain him an audience with Kargien Minewarden, the pech greets their requests for assistance more warmly.

*The dwarves wound the earth, and these caverns are better off without them. However, Eben admits that the dwarves need a home, and it is better that they salvage their old city, where damage has already been done. But if the dwarves reclaim Forge, the pechs will be driven out, and all the work they have done over the past decades will be undone. If the dwarves can be convinced to preserve the cavern as pechs have reworked it, and to allow the pechs to stay here, Eben is more inclined to help. But the dwarves will want their forges, which must be removed from the stone and relocated if the pechs are to remain here. The pechs can and will help with such relocation if it benefits them.

*The kobolds in the southeastern caverns often wander into this cavern in search of treasure or food. The pechs use their ability to shape stone to divert the kobolds and steer them away, but the pechs resent the intrusion. If the characters agree to deal with the kobolds, Eben is more likely to lend a hand against Khreshik’aris. The fissure needs to be closed, but it is elemental-shaped stone like that that covers diamond and the pechs can’t alter it. The characters will need to close it at the entrance to the wormwrithings. It’s possible that the party could escort a pech deep enough into the cave that it could find natural stone.

What Eben Can Do
If the adventurers address Eben’s desires, they secure the pechs’ aid. Eben leaves through the stone wall, promising to return shortly with companions that can help. He returns after about ten minutes with seven other pechs, ready to confront the elementals and Khreshik’aris.


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