Fendrick Pestle

Dwarven Trader


The party comes across Fendrick travelling through the aptly named Trader’s Grotto, on his way to the Night Market. He can fill the characters in on the structure of the northern caverns, or sell them almost anything they might need.

He’s not really up on the history, but can tell them about the goblingates: “No Dark Elves could get in or out by the south gate – it’s a labyrinth!”, about Kargien Minewarden “Oh, he’s a dour dwarf alright, but you have to understand – this is his life’s work”. He likes Content Not Found: gur and thinks that Pingtu is a bit mad.

He’ll buy ore and gems, but not if he recognizes them as coming from the gemshrines.

He’ll sell almost anything on the Equipment list for full price, and buy for 1/2 price new or 1/10th price used.


You can hear a clanking (perhaps armor?) from around the next bend. It grows louder. Suddenly, a huge, horned head looms around the corner
(and, if they don’t attack)
It becomes clear that it’s an enormous shaggy grey bovine, with hair that sweeps the ground. The ringing comes from a brass bell around it’s neck, and it effortlessly draws behind it a cart almost obscured with bales, boxes, and bundles. Perched atop all of these, his hat sweeping the ceiling, is a small dwarf who salutes you cheerfully and calls down: "Hello Travelers! Fendrick Pestle, at your service!

Fendrick Pestle

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