Gurmadden Stonesinger

Young Dwarven Bard


Gurmadden implores the characters to find singing crystals.

If the characters find the Content Not Found: crown, they might realize he is the rightful heir.

With the crown, Gurmadden can control the earth elementals and open The Diamond.


Gurmadden Stonesinger is an eager young bard. He was an infant during the fall. He hasn’t been in Glammestone for more than a couple of years, but already has a dream – to recreate the singing stones tavern.

Gurmadden is cheerful and earnest, and he welcomes adventurers who show any interest in his work. However, he is unlikely to get results without help. He explains: “Many of the stones were damaged in the drow assault and over the years since. I know where replacements can be found, but the journey is too dangerous for me to undertake. Fine crystals from the Wormwrithings sing perfectly, but kobolds infest the place. “Those same kobolds have moved into the southeastern caverns of our city. Kargien thinks they must have found a passage from the Wormwrithings.”

Gurmadden hesitates, fingering a clear, star-shaped jewel around his neck. Then he says, “I know it’s asking a lot, and I’m more or less penniless at the moment. But you’d be doing me and the city a great service if you’d cut your way through the kobolds, find the passage they’re using. The passage has got to be closed, first gather at least six singing crystals from the Wormwrithings. Gurmadden shows the characters one ofthe crystals he’s looking for. He offers the travelers room and board in [sstavern|The Singing Stones]] if they’ll agree to help him. If the characters agree, Gurmadden adds: “To gather crystals or other stones in the Wormwrithings, you’ll need mining tools."

If asked about his jewel, Gurmadden reveals it’s simply a piece of quartz that his mother gave him before she died – for luck. It was his father’s, and his mother always told him that his father’s last act before putting her and Gurmadden on the boat out of Glammestone was to have a servant give her the jewel. Of course, the stone is in fact Oerak’s Heart, and Gurmadden in fact the rightful heir to the Content Not Found: crown, his dead father is Oerak.

Gurmadden Stonesinger

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