Henkala Brekt

Stonecrafter of Glammestone


She is suspicious of Argus’s motives.

She can offer the players the following information about the elementals: in the olden days, the elementals helped to carve new tunnels, process ore, etc. However, they’re naturally wild, and she knows that Oerak was the one who had tamed them somehow, or forged some agreement. Now, there’s an evil elemental spirit that haunts the miners’ hall and whips the elementals into a rage. Now the creature keeps to oferhald, but who’s to say it’s going to stay there?

“But pechs (DUNGEONEERING CHECK) have moved into the old Armorers and Weaponsmiths Guild in forge. They know elementals, and if anyone can help us deal with the spirit, it’s them. Talk to them. Do what you can. Kargien Minewarden might not thank you for it, but I will. I assure you, the gratitude of an old woman is something to be treasured.”


As you enter the workshop, a black-robed dwarf, her face and eyes lively and bright despite her obvious age, looks up from the table, where a half-dozen of the crystals you’ve seen lighting the walls wink and sputter fitfully.

You see? She exclaims There’s nothing I can do. They’re dying – one by one! She explains the crystals are called Lusters and were once one of the prides of Glammestone. Like everything else here, they were created by the sorcerer-king Oerak who founded the kingdom. I helped maintain them she explains but they had been here for centuries before I was born. And they’ve been winking out ever since that day…

Henkala explains situation with elemental magic, and introduces Oerak. Talks about lusters, goblingates, bluerill’s channel. She’s grateful to you for saving her, but suspicious of Argus.
Plot – Henkala tells you that Kargien won’t be much help, but you must talk to the Pechs in Forge – the most important issue to here is the loss of elemental magic – mentions wild elementals in Oferhald.

With the Lusters, the shining crystal lamps that light Glammestone – they’re all flickering with a dying light. She still makes them with her alchemical/spell apparatus, but they just don’t have the strength they used to. She connects this to the broken bond with the Elementals. So basically, we have a place where Elemental magic is weakened/broken. Results:
1) Chaotic elementals
2) Diamond temple still Stoneshrouded
3) Crown needs to be recharged at the seven shrines. Obvious clue – it’s stones are flickering like the Lusters.

Henkala is one of the few dwarves now in Glammestone who lived here before the Fall, but her researchers often brought her aboveground or to other areas of the Underdark.

Henkala Brekt

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