Kargien Minewarden

Nominal leader of the Dwarves in Glammestone


Kargien is now a skill challenge! 3 successes before 2 failures. Ways to work on him: A) knowledge: pechs are peaceful sorts / the pechs could help unveil the diamond B) charisma check: The crown is in oferhald – we can only get it if we deal with the elementals – Henkala thinks that the pechs are our only chance.

You’ve come to see Glammestone, eh? Well, you’re in good company. We’ve been working for a decade to do the same
You think this is Glammestone? This is The Attic. Glammestone is in there
He gestures to the pyramid behind you.
The Diamond Temple is the gateway down into the actual caverns of Glammestone. Those damned Elementals must have done something to it during the Fall, but we’ve tried all the mining tricks we know and haven’t scratched that rock. Glammestone is lost.
What we need now is a king. The elementals keep us from even recovering the Crown of Glammestone. They haunt Oferhald, which use to be the royal chambers here, and where the body of the king, and his crown, must be. If you truly wish to help Glammestone, you’ll find a way to get that crown.

The Pechs? Why would you want to talk to them. Traitorous elemental scum. For all we know, they’re the one who led the Dark Elves here. There’s now way that army could have come through the Goblingates.

_If they manage to convince him. (Or if not).

I’m sorry my friends. I have many cares these days – kobolds raid from the southeast, orcs from the northwest, the infirmary is full, and we have precious little to show for our losses. I have much on my mind. But truly, you are welcome. If you need any supplies, you can usually find Fendrick Pestle in Trader’s Grotto just to the north. If you need her help, our healer Pingtu has set up a bit of in the infirmary to the northwest. She’s certainly experienced in treating the wounded, though she’s a bit god-mad. What has Maanaleinen done to restrain these elementals that are supposed to serve him?
he broods for a moment.
And if it’s just a bit of rest and food you need, there’s a young dwarf just down from Silverymoon who’s trying to set up a tavern just south of here.
Gurmadden (room and board)
Fendrick (miscellaneous)
Pingtu (healing).


Kargien is a big dwarf, but worn down, his face lined with care.

He despairs as the fruits of his labors slip from his grasp. He brightens when he first sees the adventurers.

When asked about The Diamond, he replies:
“Glammestone? You’re not in Glammestone yet, my friend. None of us are. We’re in The Attic. Glammestone is below, and that temple is the one doorway back in. Oerak must have sealed it in the Fall, and forty years of trying have not gotten us any closer to reclaiming it.”

When asked about Oferhald, he replies
_"oferhald was the upper keep of the King of Glammestone. No it’s his grave. We’re sure that it’s there Oerak fought his last battle, and there that he fell. We have tried to take it back, the elemental run wild around the old structure. We must drive off the treacherous elementals and regain the crown.

Kargien Minewarden

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