Elemental Prince


Large Elemental
AC 15
HP 100

Immunity: Non-magical weaponsResistant: Any damage except force or holy.

Flying rocks: 1d8 bludgeoning per round.
Slam: 4 to hit, 1d84 bludgeoning

XP 1000


Pebbles and dust leap into the air, coalescing into a spinning cloud of debris. The cloud gathers speed and shape, forming into a bloated, humanoid mass with a snarling, bestial visage. Glittering black stones serve as its eyes, which swivel in airy sockets to fix on you. The monster’s maw tears open, and it roars, “Who dares enter my domain? Kneel! Kneel before me, you insignificant mortals, or face my wrath!”

The spirit looms over you, and a deep laugh sounds in the cloud. It then says, “What have we here? Puny mortals, seeking plunder?” The elemental entertains questions. If necessary, you can call for Charisma checks (DC 11 or 13). Some possible questions and answers follow.

Why are you here?
“The dwarves brought me forth when in battle they sought help from the elemental plane of earth.”

What do you want?
“An end to the calling and binding of elementals. The dwarves call up elementals and enslave them. By what right do they do this?”


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