Dwarvish Priest / Infirmarer


Pingtu tells the party valuable information which should be a clue about the importance of Oerak’s Crown in opening Diamond Temple.

She also asks them to deal with the orc threat and raises their suspicions of Kargien Minewarden.


Whenever anyone comes to the cavern, she barks, “Make yourself useful!” before demanding that the visitor brings her water from the nearby pool or holds a bandage in place while she cuts it to the proper length. If the characters help, she is talkative and friendly.

Pingtu has no magical abilities to heal injuries, but she does her best with the mundane means at her disposal. Pingtu is also Kargien’s most outspoken critic among the dwarves. At any mention of leadership or Kargien Minewarden, she voices her low opinion: Pingtu scowls, saying, “Kargien Minewarden wants to wear the crown and sit on the throne, but he is unworthy of that honor. A rightful heir to the royal line should be found, but Kargien seeks power for its own sake. Someone who does that would not be a wise or beneficent king, which is what we need in these times."

Pingtu says: “Although ”/campaigns/reclaiming-goblin-s-gate/characters/kargien" class=“wiki-content-link”>Kargien Minewarden seems to have grown bored with the task, it’s imperative that we enter Diamond Temple. Have you seen any of the seven shrines? All lost now – we’re afraid to even approach. Moraldin Soulforger is the patron deity of Glammestone and the god of stones and light, and gems, which fall somewhere between. The seven shrines ring Glammestone’s Diamond Temple, and represent the the seven gems and the seven colors of light fractured by a cut diamond: red ruby, orange tourmaline, yellow beryl, green emerald, blue topaz, indigo sapphire, and violet amethyst.
He thinks it’s too big a task, but many of us think we cannot possibly hope to reclaim even the Attic while Diamond Temple is still beyond our reach. Opening it will restore our spiritual heart. It might even restore our hope. Then, perhaps, we can finish the work we have started.”

However, of greater concern to Pingtu are the frequent orc raids that keep her infirmary filled and her nerves jangled. As soon as she realizes that the adventurers might be useful against the threat, she urges them to help. She says: “I don’t know where they came from, but earlier this year, orcs set up camp in the northwestern caverns. They’re ferocious, and they just keep striking, wearing us down bit by bit. If only there was something you could do…”


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