Ancient Fish


Vanhakala is ancient, intelligent, and bored. He will tell the party what he knows if the compete in a game of riddles with him.

He could also help Helerin level up?

Seven were we once
guardians of gemshrines
only I remain

He looks at you, silently, then in a booming voice, says:
We used to play at riddles in the pools of Anauli…

Riddle One
Alive without breath,
as cold as death,
never thirsty, ever drinking,
all in mail never clinking_

Riddle Two
I saw the strangest sort of snake:
staying still, she slid along
tongueless sang her silver song
swallowed sisters, swelled in size,
then, thirsty, sought her sad demise,
she sped to sea to drink her fill
but now she’s sipped by fish’s gill

Riddle Three
I wave in the winds, then wind in the waves
battle both to brave the bottom
seek my steady surge-roofed house
strong amidst strife when I stay in safety.
They wrench and wrest my masters above,
but hold I fast, when helped by stones
keeping safely those who dropped me,
grimly I grip… guess my name


Vanhakala is the guardian of the Sapphire Shrine. He lives in the pool, and ranges through the waters that spread deeper into the caverns of Glammestone (and, in fact, into the Feydark?).

He appears as an enormous golden carp, with tentacles around his mouth making him look old and wise.
He’s able to tell the PCs important parts of the history of Glammestone, particularly:

A) Oerak built the gemshrines and summoned the guardians with his magic.
B) In gratitude, Maanaleinen sent him a coronation gift, carried by an Elemental Prince named Khreshi’karis, who was to remain and aid him.
C) It was after this that Oerak gained power over the elementals.


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