Oerak's Crown

Crown of the Dwarf King Oerak


To fully restore the elemental powers of the crown, it needs to be recharged at each of the gemshrines and you must restore the Oerak’s Heart to the crown.


The crown of Oerak is a fairly simple affair – a polished silvery band of steel with 7 triangular points. The band is encircled with seven colored gems: amethyst, ruby, tourmaline, beryl, emerald, topaz, and sapphire. (appraisal/lore check?).

In the front (tallest) point is punched a hole in the shape of a seven-pointed star. This is the rightful location of Oerak’s Heart. Inside the band is written, in Dwarf-Runes: AF ORTHI KONUNGS STONANDAR FEARA

The crown is the symbolic and magical key to Glammestone.

It is the crown of Oerak the Priest-King, the mythological and historical founder of Glammestone. It is he who carved Glammestone out of the rock via an alliance he forged with the earth elementals he controls with this crown.

Oerak's Crown

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