Through Goblin's Gate

Into the Dark

Helerin meets Meris in the Bright Blade Brandished, and Meris takes him to his wizard patron Argus. Argus is a mysterious figure who offers Helerin assistance in recovering his rat familiar, Barnabas. In return, he wants Helerin to go with Meris as his emmissary to the Dwarven Kingdom of Glammestone, a once-proud but fallen land that a few settlers are trying to recover.

Helerin agrees, although he doesn’t entirely trust this figure whose face he can’t see, and does a little asking around about Glammestone, which for some reason he had never heard of before. He finds a dwarf who verifies Argus’s story, and mentions that the leader of the re-patriation, Kargien, is a proud and serious dwarf, a born leader though not of a noble family. He also knows Argus to be a great collector: of information and of items; one who sometimes you can buy a tidbit of knowledge from but who more often will trade it for something else he wants to add to his collections.

Helerin and Meris journey by boat through a canyon-labyrinth into Glammestone, where they tread a beautifully worked road through the tunnels, admiring the glowing crystals that light the path. They find the workshop of Henkala, a sort of tinker-mage, who explains a bit about Elemental Magic and Oerak. In the middle of this conversation, orcs attack the west barricade. Helerin and Meris help fight them off, saving the day, and return to talk to Henkala about the Pechs. With a vague sense of what they need to do, they set off to see Kargien in the Diamond (whatever that is).

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