This cavern is slightly raised on all sides and gives the impression of an amphitheatre. The ceiling is equally round, and spotted everywhere with lusters, so high as to appear almost to be stars in the sky, but brighter than any stars.[[bluerill] enters from a passage at the high north of the cavern, and runs around the edges of the bowl until it plummets down a cascade from the south to a deep, round pool in the center. Standing above this pool is what appears from a distance to be a huge translucent stalagmite. Close inspection reveals it is a seven-spire building, the Temple of Diamond, the center of Glammestone, and the entrance to the lower levels. It is shrouded in waves of stone. Around it are the patchwork encampments of Content Not Found: kargein and his men.

In the center of this cavern is what looks like a huge stalagmite or upside down icicle of stone. Closer inspection reveals that it is a two-story temple, somehow draped with curtains of rock that seem to have flowed from it’s seven spires down to the ground. This is Diamond Temple, formerly the spiritual heart of Glammestone.

Entries and exits
Broad passages lead to the workshops to the west, and to The Singing Stone cavern to the south. barricades 1 and 2 are to the east.
The tradroad cross bluerill on a wide, arched stone bridge from the workshopsand continues along the stream north, then exits out the north towards the Traders’ Grotto.

Diamond Temple is holy to Moradin Soulforger, the dwarven creator god, symbolized by refracted light and gemstones. The temple is, in fact, not the buidling, but a series of linked caverns stretching far below those on the map, holding the products of centuries of beautiful craftwork. It is the door to Glammestone Proper (the dwarves call this floor “The Attic”), and was sealed, along with the treasures of Glammestone, by Oerak during the Fall.

Kargien Minewarden, the leader of the dwarven expedition back to Glammestone, has set up a headquarters in a small building just outside the temple entrance.


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