Small, draconic humanoids, kobolds are nasty things that prefer to attack en masse. Despite their pipsqueak nature (considerably smaller and weaker than a dwarf, they come in huge numbers and are just as much a threat as the orcs to the north.

Kobolds of the Urlbluk tribe haunt a region known as the Wormwrithings, a place full of tunnels that purple worms bored in the stone and earth. The kobold presence in the city means that some previously unknown passage has opened to link the city to the Wormwrithings. This prospect promises far greater dangers than kobolds. The kobolds have not yet entered Glammestone in great numbers, but they control the foamingmug and threaten the Pech to the north. Kobolds usually stay away from the dwarven barricades.

Dragonshield Kobolds

Kobold Ambush
Kobold Net Trap
Kobold Pit Trap
Kobold Ogre Gang


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