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Mountain Ideas
Gravecave with rustbeast and obsidian sword+1 Shard
Reinforce that Content Not Found: kresh_ is trapped by his obsession with _Content Not Found: oerak
Pingtu more like – elementals and people should live in harmony, knows about maanaleien sending an elemental prince with a cornonation present that gives oerak power over elementals

Mountain Ideas part 2 –
Pingtu very greatful if you help heal
Meris writing in two-way magical notebook to argus. Argus sends him to get singing stones. Maybe also takes a luster?
Fish? Rather than pingtu knows about khresh? Or papers that Fendrick has.

What happens if Helerin friends the rust beast? (Send two at least I guess)

Chapter One
Silverymoon: Argus assigns the mission.
The party boats down the River Rauvin through goblinsgates and into Glammestone.
Interview with Henkala Brekt (“go see Pechs, talk to Kargien on the way”)
Orc attack.
Into the Diamond

Chapter Two
The diamond, interview with Content Not Found: kargein
The Singing Stone Tavern, interview with Gurmadden Stonesinger
forge, interview with Eben
mug or Emraldshrine, koboldnettrap or koboldambush
gravecave, into the wormwrithings.

Inscription on the crown: A ORD KONUNGS STONSPRIT FAERA

Bright Blade Brandished

Light and Stone. Gems are the union of these two. So new idea for Content Not Found: henkalla – she’s a Stonecrafter – a bit of an elemental alchemist. She’s concerned with the Lusters, the shining crystal lamps that light Glammestone – they’re all flickering with a dying light. She still makes them with her alchemical/spell apparatus, but they just don’t have the strength they used to. She connects this to the broken bond with the Elementals. So basically, we have a place where Elemental magic is weakened/broken. Results:
1) Chaotic elementals
2) Diamond temple still Stoneshrouded
3) Crown needs to be recharged at the seven shrines. Obvious clue – it’s stones are flickering like the Lusters.

A) Maanaleinen is the god of light and stone. The upper folk say that dwarves are greedy, but it’s not true. We mine not just for wealth, but because Maanaleinen placed the gems in the earth as signs for us – light held in stone. For those that believe, they’re bits of the truth, aspects of Maanaleinen – especially the seven holy stones, which represent the seven colors of light shining through a pure white diamond: Red Ruby, Orange Tourmaline, Yellow Beryl, Green Emerald, Blue Topaz, Indigo Sapphire, and Violet Amethyst.

B) Almost 500 years ago, Oerak Prestur carved Glammestone out of the living earth. In the face of the nearby hostile Dark Elf empire, the more casual but equally dangerous threats of Orcs, Kobolds, and other monsters, and the dislike of the surface dwellers, he managed to carve out a huge kingdom. He did this with his warmhammer and his faith in Maanaleinen – he was a cleric of that god.

C) It is said that when Oerak crowned himself king, Maanaleinen himself sent an Elemental Prince (in fact the dao Content Not Found: kresh, to serve him, and a magical item through which he could control the wild elementals. These Elementals helped him expand his kingdom far below the first level, keep it hidden, and keep it strong. In return, Oerak dedicated his kingdom to Maanaleinen and constructed a series of gemshrines in his honor.

D) But after 400 years of peace, during which Oerak Prestur ruled this kingdom in peace, one of his chief elemental servants, Khreshik’aris grew proud and bridled at his service. [[:khresik’aris]] whispered to the Dark Elves, who had long nurtured a hatred of the Dwarves, of the riches of Glammestone. A Dark Elf army came in force, and there was a great war, with a final battle at Upper Keep. Convincing Oerak that his power over the elementals shouldn’t fall into the hands of the drow,Khreshik’aris took Content Not Found: oeraksheart from the crown after Oerak had sealed Diamond Temple and the entrance to the lower levels. At this point, Khreshik’aris deserted Oerak, and the drow more or less massacred the remaining Dwarves who hadn’t escaped by this point.

E) Among those who escaped was a dwarven woman and the baby Gurmadden Stonesinger. Among the other dwarves who you meet, Henkala Brekt lived during the heyday but spent much of her time above ground, and wasn’t around during the Fall. Pingtu and Content Not Found: kargein also were around during this time, but left early and don’t know much of the Fall.

F) For a century, Glammestone was empty – without access to the lower levels and treasures beyond the Diamond Temple, the Drow left, their main goal of xenophobic wipeout accomplished. A fissure opened up in the southeast part of Glammestone into the wormwrithings, and various nasty things have crept in that way. Content Not Found: kresh, driven mad by the conflict between his too-human desires and his elemental desire for freedom, is trapped in the throne room of oferhald.

G) Forty years ago, Minewarden Kargein led an expedition to reclaim Glammestone. Leading a small band of dwarves, he found the place more or less deserted, and has managed to patch together a bit of a society as important dwarves, including Henkala Brekt, Pingtu, and Fendrick Pestle have drifted back. However, as they make themselves known, they draw predators – kobolds that infest the wormwrithings control the foamingmug cavern and make frequent raids on barricade2 and barricade3]]. More recently, a tribe of orcs has infested trillimacgroves in the northeast cave, and they pose a more serious threat than the kobolds. So fare, they make only test probes towards barricades 4, 5, 7, and 8, and the elementals in oferhald buffer the dwarves from the brunt of their attacks, but they make safirshrine,ametistshrine,topasshrine,and rubinshrine dangerous places to be. The elementals in oferhald are wild and dangerous, and although they do not attack, anyone who ventures too deeply into that cavern does not come back. Finally, even the pech, ancient allies of the dwarves, are viewed with extreme suspicion as being perhaps the traitors who brought the Dark Elves to Glammestone. In response, the pech have retreated to forge, which they gradually try to bring back to natural rock. For now, the orcs have been wary of the pech and haven’t ventured across the traderoad. However, the kobolds have recently begun moving cautiously into forge, and even killed a pair of pech they caught by surprise.

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