Oferhald was the upper keep of the King of Glammestone. It was his last stand, but after he ordered Khreshik’aris to take the Content Not Found: heart to Gurmadden Stonesinger, and Khreshik’aris rebelled, he was too weak to stand against the Dark Elf attack.

Entries and exits
Three tunnels north to orcs, on east to northcaves, bordered on the south by barricades 7 and 6, and by open tunnels to the Topas and Safir gemshrines.

Oferhald Cave is a long chamber with a number of entries and exits. Once it held the stonehewn Oferhald in the NE corner, but since it has been litered with Dwarven and Dark elf skeletons, and then ripped by by insane elemental force. Skeletons and armor litter the floor, but have sunk into the stone or been flung into walls. The floor itself is whipped into ripples like a wave-tossed see. In the NE corner, Oferhald itself lists crazily, half-submerged in the stone, and one tower almost turned into a stalactite. This is NOT the smooth, natural stone of the pech or the translucent crystal that covers the diamond – this is madness.

Oferhald itself has two visible entrances. One is a rubble-strewn doorway on the south side of the building. Two iron doors, drooping in the entryway, flank the other entrance, on the eastern side of the building. An eerie red-­‐orange light flashes from inside the broken doors.
The ground begins to shake, and two columns of stone rumble towards you.
The creatures earthminions.

Once the party enters the building, for each numbered area consult the Oferhald Encounters Table.

Oferhald rooms

  1. Entry
    This entry chamber is strewn with debris, including a scattering of small bones. The heavy wooden door leading out of this room sags on its hinges but still opens properly. Monsters: Four fire beetles nest here among the rubble.
  1. Trapped Hall
    This hall contains a covered pit trap. Anyone searching for traps can find it with a DC 13 Intelligence check, and it can be jammed closed with two DC 15 Dexterity checks. Otherwise, the trap triggers when a character reaches the center of the hallway, dropping everyone in the hall into the pit. Those who are near the outer edge can attempt a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw to leap to safety. Characters who drop into the pit fall ten feet and take 1d10 piercing damage from the spiked floor.
  1. Guard Post
    Iron portcullises are shattered and rusted on the ground in the doorways of this former guard post. Monsters: Three gnome skeletons stand watch here, ready to attack any living creatures they sense. Levers: Two levers jut from the eastern wall, one to the north and one to the south. The northern lever controls the pit in area 4, while the southern lever controls the pit in area 2. When a lever is up, the pit covers are closed and the trap is set. When a trap is triggered, its lever drops into the middle position. Pushing the lever back up resets the trap, but pushing it down closes and locks the cover so the trap cannot be triggered.
  1. Trapped Chamber
    A covered pit trap like the one in area 2 is in the floor of this large hall. However, any character on the pit cover when it opens can attempt a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw to jump to safety.
  1. Alcove
    This small alcove contains the withered remains of a dwarf dressed in chainmail. On the floor are a battered shield and a masterwork battleaxe. A healing potion hangs on a silver chain (15 gp) around the corpse’s neck, and a heavy iron key (to the cage doors in area 9) is on a separate leather cord. The portcullises marked on the map between areas 5 and 6 are intact. Bending the bars or lifting a portcullis requires a DC 17 Strength check.
  1. Empty Hallway
  1. Defaced Statue of Oerak
    A life-sized statue of a dwarf has been chiseled or hammered until only a rough-hewn figure remains. The floor is littered with rubble.
  1. Secret Door
    A successful DC 15 Intelligence is required to find this secret door. A successful DC 13 Intelligence check made while searching the wall at the end of the long alcove to the north reveals a pressure plate. Pressing the plate causes the door to slide open. Otherwise, the door can be forced open with a DC 17 Strength check, which breaks its mechanism.
  1. Workroom
    Two rotting barrels remain in this former storage chamber. A wall of iron bars divides the room in half, creating a cage on the northern side. Both solid metal doors leading into the cage are locked, and a DC 13 Dexterity check is required to pick either lock. The key is on the corpse in area 5. Near the northwestern corner of the cage, a chest holds eight bright lusters, for which Content Not Found: henk will pay 10 gp each.
  1. Secret Room
    The secret door into this room works like the one at area 8. The plate that opens it is ten feet away on the eastern wall, opposite the door into area 11. In the center of the room is a rotted wooden table with decrepit chairs around it and rubble piled on it. In the ceiling above the table, a hole, about two feet in diameter, opens to the outside.

Monsters: In the southeastern corner, twelve stirges hang from the ceiling. A few seconds after someone enters the room, 1d4 stirges flutter down to attack. Each round thereafter, 1d4 more stirges join the fray until all have come down.

Treasure: Under the table is the skeleton of a dwarf. Beneath the skeleton is a crumbling leather pouch holding 27 sp.

  1. Audience Hall
    A large dais takes up the southern side of this enormous room, and on it is a makeshift throne. The corpse of a dwarf in silver armor, a crown at his head, lies at the base of the throne. At least a dozen other bodies litter the floor around the dais.
    Upon enterring the room, Khreshik’aris appears.

Treasure: Aside from the Oerak’s Crown, which has a faint magic aura if examined with a detect magic spell, the valuables scattered around the chamber are 26 gp, 108 sp, and 94 cp. (magic weapons on drow or dwarves??)

Orc Attack
orcs who range the northern caves keep a wary eye on this cavern. If the adventurers leave the ruins, the orcs assume that the area is safe to enter and the adventurers are laden with treasure. Howling with triumph, four orcs charge from the north to attack the party. If you plan to run chapter 5, keep track of how many orcs the adventurers kill.

Notes: Kargien will put on the crown if given it. Pingtu obviousy doesn’t think much of Kargien. He’s excited to see the crown, notes the gems (?). If they don’t give him the crown Kargien threatens to banish the group, but he soon realizes that doing so would be unpopular among his followers. He backs down.


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