The Trillimac Groves were once a house of worship dedicated to Baervan Wildwanderer, the Dwarven god of travel and nature. The temple is fashioned from a tightly packed grove of edible trillimac mushrooms around a clear pool full of blind cave fish.

Now, a band of orcs camps here, using the pool for water, and the mushrooms and fish for food. The orcs pick through the ruins in the northern part of the city, bounded by the elementals in the Hall of Miners and the Pechs in Forge. They also avoid the House Center which they believe to be haunted. They are less afraid of the dwarves than they are of undead and elementals, so they frequently test the barricades the connect to the Boon and to the Northern Caverns.

These orcs respond only to violence. They leave the ruins if their leader and the orog are slain, or if their band is reduced to ten or fewer members.

Fighting the Orcs
In all, forty-­one normal orcs live in the ruins. At any given time, ten to fifteen of these orcs are out looking for supplies or loot. Ashkabbar, the orc leader, is always in cavern G, and an orog named Content Not Found: blugdub is always in cavern H. If the adventurers have spent much time in Glammestone or have played through other chapters, they might have already killed several orcs. Reduce the total number of orcs accordingly, and keep track of orcs slain throughout this chapter. All normal orcs have 3d6 sp.

If the adventurers enter cavern G or cavern H, refer to the “Raiding the Lair” section. After the adventurers have killed fifteen orcs, including any orcs killed in other chapters, the orcs go on high alert.

High Alert
The orcs go on high alert when they have taken such losses that their leader feels he must organize a defense. The orcs pull back to caverns F, G, H, and I, and they no longer send raiding parties out. While the orcs are on high alert, none appear as a random encounter, and none test the gnome barricades. The orcs stick to their camps, and no orcs gather in the middle of cavern G. Ashkabbar assigns orcs to sentry duty at the stockades. Each such location has up to 1d6 + 1 orcs on watch, up to a maximum total of the number of orcs remaining. The orcs at the two southern passages—one leading to the Sapphire Shrine and the other to House Center—remain mostly still. Orcs at the other three points have larger areas to cover, so they wander back and forth. Within the lair, if any orcs are available after sentry duty is assigned, Ashkabbar has two extra orcs with him. Content Not Found: blugdub_ adds one orc to his retinue. If the adventurers are in the caverns north of the city when Ashkabbar declares high alert, he sends _Content Not Found: blugdub and his lackeys to hunt the invaders. Otherwise, the lair is as described in the “Raiding the Lair” section. After the orcs have been on alert for twelve hours with no further incidents, they cautiously return to their normal activities. They go back on alert if they lose half their numbers again, but they are likely to flee instead of going on alert a third time.

Raiding the Lair
The orcs in caverns G and H group themselves into family units at different camps around the caves, marked with the lowercase letters a through e. Ashkabbar camps at f, and Content Not Found: blugdub camps at g. At any given time, 1d6 + 1 orcs are gathered near the center of the cave and engaged in brawling, gaming, drinking, and other uncouth behavior. The orcs are accustomed to their warriors traveling in and out of the cave, and they roll perception-related checks with disadvantage. However, if they spot intruders, or the adventurers attack them, the orcs at camps a, b, and d see the fighting and run to help drive the invaders off. Each camp of normal orcs (a through e) has 2d4 orcs in it at any given time. Orcs at these camps can’t see any of the other camps. However, fighting at camp a, b, or d draws the attention of any orcs in the center of the cavern, and they aid their kin. If outnumbered, orcs at camp b, c, or d flee toward Ashkabbar’s camp, while those at camp e flee toward Blugdub’s camp.

Blugdub’s Camp: Similarly, the orog at camp g has two orc lackeys. Blugdub and his orcs can see fighting at camp e, and they intervene to help those orcs. Likewise, the orcs at camp e help if they see fighting at camp g. Blugdub also has treasure, including 10 gp, 123 sp, and three lapis lazuli stones (15 gp each).


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