Pechs are thin beings, a little shorter than dwarves, but far more willowy. They have long arms and legs, broad feet and hands, and yellowish skin. Their large, dark eyes have no pupils, and their hair is red or reddish-­‐brown in hue.

The pechs flee if any character attacks one of them. They disappear into the stone to escape. Such an attack guarantees the failure of this mission.

The first step to securing aid from the pechs is to overcome their caution. Pechs are unwilling to approach those who carry drawn weapons or other obvious signs of combat readiness. If a character assures the pechs that the party has only peaceful intentions, their leader Gallus emerges.

The stalagmites and stalactites throughout the cavern are the work of the pechs. They tend the stone and guide it back to its natural state.

If they convince Gallus to work with them, if the characters attempt to lead the pechs into reclaimed dwarven territory, the sentries at the barricades protest. They don’t trust the pechs and don’t want them wandering through their caverns, where they might decide to alter the shape of the stone or even collapse the walls. Nothing sways the sentries on this point. If the argument goes on too long, the pechs begin to drift away. In that case, if the adventurers don’t immediately turn their attention to reassuring the pechs, the pechs leave. The characters must secure the creatures’ aid again. And so the preferred path to the hallofminers is through tourmalineshrine and rubyshrine, then southwest through the tunnels that skirt tradersgrotto, along the south wall of housecenter without venturing too close, then past sapphireshrine and through the boon chamber to the northern entrance of the hallofminers.

In the Ruby and Amethyst shrines, the characters may encounter looting orcs. In the tunnels, housecenter and boon, consult the Glammestone Encounters table.
Pechs disappear into the stone when monsters attack. The pechs might help the adventurers by using rock to slow down an enemy or block a critical hit enough to turn it into a normal hit. Otherwise, they avoid conflict.


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