Wide columns of stone divide this large central cavern, which has two large boulevards connecting it to Diamond Temple, a narrow passage to the west that leads to Phantasmal Glamours, and two barricades at the south that lead to The Emerald Shrine. These barricades are well-manned, and unlikely to be attacked, although the gnomes rarely venture beyond.

In Glammestone’s heyday, this cavern and Diamond Temple formed the central hub of Glammestone. Now, the ruins have been patched up as a barracks for weary gnome warriors, the place seems tired and grim.

As you enter the cavern though, you can see near the center a gleam of yellow light and hear faint music. Moving closer, you can see, between three natural rock columns, a strange sort of patched-together building. Light shines from windows of all shapes and sizes, and the beams themselves look as if they were harvested from a dozen buildings. A sign above the door reads “The Singing Stones”.

Inside, Gurmadden Stonesinger, an eager young bard, is surprised and gratified to see outsider guests. He questions you eagerly about the state of things above, and plies you with mushroom wine. He reveals that he’s almost entirely responsible for the building of the tavern, and has harvested many pieces from the old Foaming Mug Tavern, which is in the cavern to the east/southeast, beyond the barricades. His dearest wish is to gather enough Singing Stones to really recreate the dwarven bardic tradition – he sees the bardic traditions, and comfort that the dwarves could take from drink and fellowship, as the most important key to regaining the spirit of Glammestone.

He won’t talk trash about Kargien, but Gurmadden sees the Minewarden’s grim persistence and obsessive focus on House Center and the Diamond Temple as certainly a symptom of the the malaise that is bringing Glammestone down; if not the cause itself.


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