Entrances and Exits
Two barricaded tunnels lead to Forge from the southwest, one from Diamond Temple proper, and one from the sideroute that joins Diamond Temple and Trader’s Grotto. Likewise, two tunnels lead northwest, one to tourmalineshrine and one to the trade road to the night market.

In a high grotto at the northeast is perched the berylshrine.

In the southeastern corner of Forge, concealed behind a broad pillar, is a long, narrow tunnel leading to the cavern that contained the Foaming Mug.

_ Past the barricades, the tunnels of the ruined city are eerily quiet. As you pass a small pool, a bit of the large, long Forge cavern comes into view. Stalactites hang low from its ceiling, sometimes touching the stalagmites jutting up from the floor, and the walls are blackened with ancient soot. At the very edge of your light, a small form—too lithe to be a deep gnome—flits behind a stalagmite and out of sight._
This cluster of smithies was a market for dwarven armaments. The forges are now cold, and the tools are bent and broken. Pechs, creatures that have a magical affinity for earth, dwell here and have coaxed the stone to grow over the area. They prefer to hide from intruders by melding into nearby rock.


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